Safety Check, iPhone

One of the fun things about mobile phones is the never ending updates! Ha! But of course you should install the updates. It keeps your phone more secure and may correct bugs that are often being discovered. But also, things get more difficult when you get too far behind on updates. 

Another fun thing is the changes that updates add that we never know about until someone points them out. Here is an example; iOS 16 gave us a "Safety Check" procedure. Are you aware of it? See what I mean? So here is what Safety Check is and how to use it.

Go to your Settings, Privacy & Security and scroll down until you see Safety Check. When you tap on it you have two options, "Emergency Reset" and "Manage Sharing & Access." The emergency option is, of course, for resetting all sharing in all apps. This is not a great idea unless you really want to disconnect and reset all your choices in all the apps you use. The Manage Sharing & Access is very useful to see what apps have access to what types of your personal data or are sharing with who. 

There are three sections to check. The first is "Who" you are sharing data with, then "App Access", what apps are using your data, and then what "Devices" are associated with you or your Apple ID /account. 

If you use a shared photo album, or have joined someone else’s shared album you’ll see them all list in this section and other data you share like a shared calendar. In the apps section is where I made any change in disabling particular apps access to data. Be careful when making changes to limit the function of an app that you may use without realizing. 

There you go. So much power to control your own data sharing options.