Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, What should you use?

I often see people using the Chrome browser on their Macs and wonder why. Chrome is Google's browser while Safari is Apple's browser and comes installed on your Mac already. All I can imagine is that some people think that Chrome is a faster browser than Safari, but it is not. When comparing browsers Chrome and Firefox both have many more background processes than apple's Safari, consuming much more of the computers processing capabilities and draining the battery faster on laptops.

As a test I played the same YouTube video on each browser separately and looked at the CPU(computer processor) activity for comparison. Safari used 6% of the CPU while Firefox used 48%. Huge difference. Chrome also uses much more than Safari. In an article I read one user compared browsers on his MacBook and found he had an extra hour to hour & a half use from the battery when using Safari.

Other benefits are obvious as well. While Chrome / Google tracks and sells information from your use, such as websites you've visited, Safari offers much more privacy. There is also the fact that Safari integrates with many of the other apps on your Mac, such as Keychain for password storage and Siri and others.

You can find more extensions for the Chrome browser if you happen to need extra functions, like creating computer code for instance. Or shopping apps that often add another layer of tracking.  I am being a bit negative but the facts are accurate.

At least Firefox is an open source browser which I prefer to Chrome. I do use Firefox on occasion, and it's not a bad idea to have another browser installed for the rare occasion that a function of a website doesn't display a page correctly. This may happen with any browser and it's because of the way the webpage was created.

And the answer is yes, if you decide to switch from Chrome or Firefox to Safari, Safari will be able to import your bookmarks and history. So, obviously, Safari is my choice and my main browser.