Favorite iOS Features

Here are a few of the latest iOS update features. After using a iOS device for any length of time you forget what features are new and what's been there for a while. But one feature of a recent update that I really like is the virtual trackpad. When you're typing something and see a mistake that you want to correct without having to erase the whole thing and start over is the virtual trackpad. In the past you could put your finger on the word that needed correcting to try to get the cursor to come up which sometimes took a few tries, then move the cursor to the correct position. Often your finger is in the way so you can't see the cursor very well. So now you can tap on the cursor itself and then move it around. You can also tap and hold the space key, then without lifting your finger slide it around the keyboard which now looks blank. As you slide your finger around, the keyboard acts as a trackpad and moves the cursor so you can easily position it where you want. It's so much easier. You can also use "swipe typing" on the iPhone. So you move your finger around the keyboard to spell a word without lifting your finger. It works surprisingly well.

Other improvements include the Map app. The maps app has much more detail than previous versions. It also include a "Look around" option which is similar to Google's street view. Unfortunately the Look around feature is not available for all areas. If it's available for the area you're looking at then you'll see the words "Look Around" near the bottom of the screen. Other information is most always available such as images of establishments provided by Yelp. 

And there is the Dark mode, similar to Mac OS. Or you can choose automatic so that it uses light mode but goes to dark mode in the evening.

If you use safari on your iPad or iPhone and end up with many web pages open there are two improved ways of dealing with a bunch of open pages. If

 you tap and hold on the "tabs" icon you'll get the option to delete all your open web pages at once. And an even more automatic way to deal with closing web pages is in Safari Settings. You can choose to have pages close automatically after one day, one week, or one month.

In the Notes app you can bring up a tool bar by tapping on the note with three fingers. I haven't found that to be so useful yet, but I haven't used it enough to be familiar with it.